Instructions for Students

1. To use the webinar services, please choose Google Chrome or Firefox.

2. When you first visit the webinar room, a pop-up window will appear to ask, if you will be using a Microphone or you will Listen Only.

3. If you choose to participate actively - choose Microphone. We recommend you to use headsets with microphone for a better experience. If your Microphone is integrated we recommend you to use headsets to avoid causing background noise. Now that you have chosen the devices that you will be using, please check your computer`s speakers to see if the volumes are set. After clicking the Microphone button, your browser will ask for permission to use your microphone. Click Allow. Next you have to make an Echo Test where you should hear your own voice after pronouncing a couple of words. If you do hear your voice click YES and an icon with a microphone will appear next to your name in the Users list. In the lower right corner of the room, next to the language bar you will see a WebRTC sign, which means that you are using channel with HD sound instead of a Flash Player. If you don`t hear your voice, click NO and continue to the Settings During the Test the system uses the microphone which is by Default. If you don`t hear your voice, probably the chosen microphone is not working. Choose the right microphone from the listed options in order to activate the right device.

4. If you want to participate as a listener choose Listen only.

5. You can switch your language to English from the button in the lower right corner if necessary.

6. The webinar room has three sections - Users, Presentation/Whiteboard, Chat

Users - On the left side of the room you will Users list. On the top of the list is the teacher`s name written in blue you will see you name and the rest of the participant`s names who join and leave the room. In the Status field different icons will appear next to the each name when a student raises or receives presenter`s rights by the teacher. In the Media filed you can see the everyone`s activity, shown with different icons (muted/unmuted microphone, camera, listen only). In this field your activity will be shown as well.

Chat - The chat is positioned at the right side of the room. It is separated into two sections-main chat (everyone will be able to see what you write) and individual chat (you can chose a student or the teacher to address him personally)

Presentation/Whiteboard - A presentation sample and a virtual whiteboard are positioned at the middle of the room. A red mark will show all of the teacher`s actions on the virtual presentation and whiteboard. He will also upload different files there.

7. Above the Users list you will see three buttons - Share microphone, Share camera, Mute/Unmute microphone

Share microphone - if you haven`t done this when you entered the room you can do it by clicking this button. The procedure is the same as in p.2

Share your camera - after clicking this button a window with your camera settings will appear. Your browser will ask you for permission to use your device. After you allow it you should see your image in the window and then MUTE/UNMUTE. If you don`t continue to setting you camera and choose Default from the listed

Mute Microphone - You can MUTE/UNMUTE you microphone whenever you want. In the Media field an icon will appear to show you actions.

8. Below the Users list you will find a Raise hand button. You can use it when you have a question. An icon in the Status field will appear when you raise hand.

9. In the lower left corner a window will appear when the teacher shares his desktop. You will be able to see all of his actions on his desktop. He can choose to play videos or show you all kinds of files. You can adjust or minimize the window.

10. The teacher can make you a presenter. When this happens an icon will appear in the Status field. You will be able to use the presentation and the whiteboard and also share your desktop. When you click the Share desktop button, the system will require the latest version of Java installed on your computer. You can check from the pop-up window that will appear if you have it. If it is not the latest version you can click to install it and after the process is finished you have to refresh the page in order to start the program. In the lower left corner a window with you shared desktop should appear and all of your students should be able to see your actions.

11. From the Layout button in the lower right corner, you can change the look of the room and choose on which part you want to be focused (video/presentation/ chat etc.).

12. To Exit from the webinar, click the button in the upper right corner.

13. The teacher has the right to control all of your actions( mute/unmute microphone, the use of your camera, the chatting, the raising hands, the layout of the room, your participation in the room)

Click here to watch tutorial videos.