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Buddhism: Ancient Strategies for Modern Life
Greg Vanderford

Bachelors degree of Business Management

Minor in History

Secondary education teaching certification

Masters degree of curriculum and instruction

Chess ELO +2000

10 years of Vietnamese language fluency

Video Course
Overcoming Codependence
Jef Gazley

Jef received his B.A. in Psychology, History and teaching from the University of Washington, and his Masters in Counseling from the University of Oregon.  He is fully trained in EMDR Level Two, LFT Level Two, EFT, and is certified in both Neuro Emoltional Technique and Touch For Health.  He is a member of the Energy Kinesiology Association, and the Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  He has written extensively about Energy Psychology for years and is in the process of writing a book on Energy Psychology.  He is developer of TriBrain Trauma Theory.  Although adept at all forms of energy psychology Jef believes strongly that NET, or Neuro Emotional Technique is the most powerful energy technique available.  He was in the third Neuro Emotional Technique certification graduating class.

Video Course
Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: Self-Reliance, Vital Food
im Simpl

im's professional certifications include:

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
LEED Accredited Professional
Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI
Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS

Video Course
The Power of Gratitude
Andy Grant

Andy holds certificates in Positive Psychology, the Enwaken Coaching System, Akashic Records, Soul Entrainment, and Reiki, as well as other leadership programs and energy work modalities. Andy is also a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Trailblazer, personally trained by Mike Dooley.

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Make Your Relationship Last Forever
Maia Berens

Graduate of Rutgers University in Psychology.

Trained by and worked with John Gray for 18 years in relationships and emotional intelligence.

The Coaches Training Institute

The Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program

Video Course
Transform Cellular Memory & Vivify Your Dreams
Brenda Innes

Brenda is an active Elementary School teacher for 24 years.

Brenda has a Bachelor of Education Degree.

Brenda is a Certified Theta Healer & Re-connective Healer Practiitioner.

Video Course
Discover Your Magic
Wolfgang Riebe

Mind Shift Master