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Self-publish on any Budget with this Time-Saving Course. Sell at Amazon and Global retailers.

Publishing made easy. Learn to make great ebooks now, then upload and sell at Amazon and major retailers. You can do this while saving time and money. Get your book to readers all over the world.

Instructed by Jason Matthews, author of 6 books, the manual and video lessons explain it with real-time instruction. The lessons include: 
● the PDF book that goes with the video ($6 value) 
● instruction in cover design (D-I-Y or hiring out strategies)
● formatting for major retailers 
● conversions to other formats (epub, mobi, pdf) 
● selling at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, more 
● making free blogs and websites 
● selling from your sites with an automated system 
● maximizing social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube) 
● enhancing Public Relations (PR) 
● getting reviews and much more 
How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks is packed with information and over 250 links to help you accomplish publishing goals fast. Simple enough for beginners and great for experts who could use extra guidance. If you want to make and sell ebooks on any budget, then this course has everything for success. The first step is to download the PDF book and save it on your computer. Then have it handy for the links in the video lessons.

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Who Should Attend?

  • writers
  • authors
  • bloggers

Lesson 1: Best Settings to View
Lesson 2: How To Make , Market And Sell Ebooks (PDF ebook for course)
Lesson 3: Introduction
Lesson 4: Cover Design
Lesson 5: Formatting Basics
Lesson 6: Formatting for KDP Amazon
Lesson 7: Formatting for Smashwords
Lesson 8: Formatting for Barnes and Noble
Lesson 9: Uploading KDP Amazon
Lesson 10: Uploading to Smashwords and Draft2Digital
Lesson 11: Uploading to Barnes & Noble and Kobo
Lesson 12: Social Media
Lesson 13: Blogging with Wordpress and Blogger
Lesson 14: Amazon Author Central and Amazon Associates
Lesson 15: Custom Links, Widgets and Icons
Lesson 16: Selling Ebooks with PayPal from Your Sites
Lesson 17: Selling Ebooks with Ecwid from Your Sites
Lesson 18: (PR) Public Relations And Reviews
Lesson 19: Paperbacks And Hard Cover Books
Lesson 20: Other Things You Can Do & Cheating With Money
Lesson 21: Finale
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