About the course

Most readers find Amazon books by typing in the search bar. Amazon is a search engine and these terms are keywords, which are misunderstood by many authors. Using keywords wisely helps people discover your book fast.

This course is for writers about to publish and for authors already selling books on Amazon. It's an easy to follow method to help you find and use the best keywords for your book, whether it's already published or not. You'll save weeks to months worth of time getting your book higher in search results using these tips.

Taught by Jason Matthews, an author, speaker and publishing coach, this course gives your book the advantages it needs to reach a greater audience. Each video shows real-time examples at the sites you'll be using. All of the videos are between 2 and 5 minutes, making it simple to follow and use the advice right away.

Better keywords at Amazon leads to good things: more people will find your books, which means more people will buy your books.

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Who Should Attend?

All writers who have published books on Amazon or are about to publish will benefit from this course. One great thing about digital publishing is the ability to make changes anytime.

Lesson 1: What are Keywords and Metadata?
Lesson 2: Playtime with Amazon Searches
Lesson 3: Amazon Categories and Keywords
Lesson 4: Amazon Special Categories
Lesson 5: Category Ranking and Top 100
Lesson 6: Google Keyword Planner
Lesson 7: Begin Your Keyword List
Lesson 8: Test Your Keywords at Amazon
Lesson 9: Cross Test at Google Keyword Planner
Lesson 10: Fine Tune Your Keywords
Lesson 11: Title and Subtitle Keywords
Lesson 12: Author Name and Contributors
Lesson 13: KDP Keywords
Lesson 14: KDP Categories
Lesson 15: Book Description Keywords
Lesson 16: Interior Book Text
Lesson 17: Publish Changes
Lesson 18: Checking In - Maintenance
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