About the course

Welcome to the Acupressure Academy - The Place on ON-ED to learn about Acupressure!

√ Relieve your pain on your own Without Medications using Traditional Chinese Massage Points

√ Easily find the right Massage Points with simple and professional Full HD Videoclips

√ Asthma, Depression, Potency and Flu Points are in the Course.

√ Points for Travel Health and Memory Improvement are in the Course.

√ Points to Improve Running, Football and Yoga exercises are in the Course.

"In short, it [Acupressure] provides maximum benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine." 
-William Michael Cargile, B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

The Acupressure is perfectly suitable for you with these immediate benefits: 

+ You do not need to spend time visiting a doctor.

+ You do not need to spend a considerable amount of money.

+ There is no danger of being hurt, infected or experiencing pain.

+ You massage the points gently with your own finger.

The Massage Points to use are:

√ especially effective

√ easy to find, no need for someone else's assistance

√ shown with professional Full HD Photos and Videos

"With the Course, I could significantly reduce my depression symptoms. The points are easy to find using the videos. I am so happy to have the Course always on me, on my iPhone and iPad"
-Dr. Umin, Manager at Siemens in Germany

Thousands have done it already. Now you can also take the Acupressure Course and help yourself on demand without medications and doctor visits.

For a fraction of a doctor's visit cost, you get a proven Acupressure Course for ever with free lifelong updates containing more massage points.

Are you interested in more massage points? Share it on my Facebook page and get people interested. The larger the following, the faster you will get the update of the Course. Free.

Have Fun with the Course! 

Your Dr. Bargak 
- 30 years of successful acupuncture practice

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in Acupressure Points to be healthy without medications. 

Lesson 1: What Is Acupressure?
Lesson 2: Acupressure Against Asthma
Lesson 3: Acupressure For Memory Improvement
Lesson 4: Acupressure For Travel
Lesson 5: Acupressure Against Depression
Lesson 6: Acupressure Against Flu
Lesson 7: Acupressure For Footballers
Lesson 8: Acupressure For Potency
Lesson 9: Acupressure For Yoga
Lesson 10: Acupressure For Runners (Couch-To-5K, 10K, Half-Marathon and Marathon)
Lesson 11: Acupressure Apps
Lesson 12: Conclusion
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