About the course

This is an easy to follow beginners course with detailed instructions from information regarding the materials needed before you start,through to creating a finished painting.

The course should take a few weeks but each student will be working at a different pace and have a different amount of time to devote to practice. There is therefore no definite timeline.

There will be lectures with practical painting exercises which are clearly demonstrated and information will be available  regarding professional artists' work, with examples shown, which are of relevance to the various lectures. Some of the lectures have additional downloaded material to supplement the learning experience.

The lectures covered 

Material & Colour 

Colour mixing excersises

How to paint a Wash

Watercolour Techniques (Demonstration)


Watercolour painting Demonstration Stage 1

Japanese Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Painting Demonstration Stage 2

Examples of Watercolour Paintings

Course Summary

This course is for those who have always wanted to learn to paint in Watercolours but have never had the time or the courage to try. This course has been perfected over a number of years and will give students a solid grounding from which to progress. I will also be available for help and to give individual advice 

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for Beginners as it clearly explains all the basics and gives a good grounding regarding a range of techniques.

However many more experienced artists have taken the course and commented on how much they learned and techniques they had not previously encountered.

The course is therefore essential for Beginners and the more experienced will also find it interesting and enlightening,

Lesson 1: Materials and Methods
Lesson 2: Producing a Watercolour Painting
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