About the course

The author will go through step by step presentation of how to use and apply OSPF in different  network designs . The author will demonstrate how easily OSPF can be implemented in Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoiint, Virtual links, security configurations in form of Lessons. This course is intended for CCNA and CCNP level students and who are moving towards implementation phase of a network design in medium to large networks, this course will definitely provide that confidence level. 

Who Should Attend?

Network Administrators

Network Designers

Cisco certified network professional

CCNA certified

CCNP certified

Lesson 1: Chapter 1 - OSPF Introduction
Lesson 2: Chapter 2 - OSPF in Point-To-Point Topology
Lesson 3: Chapter 3 - OSPF in Point-To-Multipoint Topology I
Lesson 4: Chapter 4 - OSPF AUTHENTICATION
Lesson 5: Chapter 5 - OSPF in Virtual Link Topology
Lesson 6: Chapter 6 - OSPF Heirachical Structure
Lesson 7: Chapter 7 - OSPF Message Types
Lesson 8: Chapter 8 - OSPF LINK-STATE TYPES
Lesson 9: Chapter 9 - Discover Link-State Database
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