About the course

In this course the author introduces Border Gateway Protocol, its concepts and clarifies the concepts using practical scenarios with topology configuration. The author shows step by step configuration. The course is very important to anyone who wants to master concept and also get the practical experience that the author has shared in his designs. 

Who Should Attend?

Network Engineers

Network Administrator

IT Analyst

Cisco certified Engineers

Network Consultants 

Lesson 1: Chapter 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2: Chapter 2 - Establishing iBGP and eBGP Adjacencies-Part I
Lesson 3: Chapter 3 - BGP Confederation - Part I
Lesson 4: Chapter 4 - BGP Route Reflector - Part I
Lesson 5: Chapter 5 - BGP Backdoor
Lesson 6: Chapter 6 - eBGP and LoopBack Importance for Redundant Paths - Part I
Lesson 7: Chapter 7-BGP Next-Hop-Self and Routing Table Update
Lesson 8: Chapter 8 - Community Attribute - Part I
Lesson 9: Chapter 9 - AS-Path Attribute -Part I
Lesson 10: Chapter 10 - BGP Weight Attribute for Traffic Engineering
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