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About the course

Practical Implementaion of how to Filter routes from Routers | Udemy click

In this course the student will learn important skill of how to filter unwanted routes from the routing tables. This skill will also help the student to keep the routing tables clean in an organization, thus keeping the network safe from malicious injected networks.

Follow the author as he goes through the steps below

1. Building Topology to simulate a routing map.
2. Four cases are created that will show step by step filtering of the routes using Prefix-lists.


Who Should Attend?

Network Engineers, Analyst or Administrators.

Cisco Certified Network Engineers.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Building the Topology
Lesson 2: Case 1 - Deny Network
Lesson 3: Case 2 - Allow Class A Network
Lesson 4: Case 3 - Allow Class B Network
Lesson 5: Case 4 - Allow Class C Network
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  • When you test the Sharing Desktop functionality, make sure you are using the latest version of JAVA. If you are not, you can download it from here.
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  • You are using the latest version of your browser.
  • You have given permission to all of the blocking systems on your computer to use the necessary tools.

If you have properly followed the instructions, a WebRTC sign should appear in the lower right corner of the webinar room. This guaranties a high quality sound for the participants. If you want to change the microphone your operating system is using, you need to right click on the Audio icon of your Windows, choose Recording devices, and set the microphone you will be using as a Default. Enter the webinar again and you should hear your voice when you first make the Echo Test.

Please, warn the participant who won`t be using their microphone to choose Listen Only when they first enter the webinar room. For those students who would be joining the discussion with a microphone, it is highly recommended to use headsets to avoid causing background noise.

Have a great session!


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