About the course

Ever wished you were a strong chess player? In this course we will explore chess in depth covering topics that will elevate your game from average to very strong.

In my previous course, we covered some basic ideas such as common openings, simple tactics, and basic strategy. In "Learn to Play Chess Like a Master" we will build on those ideas using both traditional still chess positions as well as new cutting edge software so students can easily follow along while I go through positions and analyze the game.

I have gone from weak chess player to experience tournament player by studying with chess Grandmasters in Vietnam for over 5 years so I understand the problems that the average chess player has in improving at the game and what holds you back from getting the kind of results you want.

Join my advanced chess course, and bring your game to the next level!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who loves chess and wishes to improve their game.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 4: The Evan's Gambit
Lesson 5: The King's Indian Defense
Lesson 6: The French Defense
Lesson 7: The Ponziani
Lesson 8: The King's Indian Attack
Lesson 9: Conclusion
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