About the course

A1-A2 - Speak English with Me

Speak English Online with Me gives you the opportunity to practice your English Speaking Skills in a real-time Online Speaking Session (OSS)

The OSS is at level A1-A2 and is the first out of a series of Sessions. The OSSs are not mutually related as their purpose is to give learners the chance to practice their English Speaking Skills regardless of the Session they decide to take part in.


1. Introduce yourself

2. Tell us about your job

3. Talk about your hobbies and interests

Main Objective

Our main objective is to help learners relax and put into practice what they know. We will guide you and teach you how to introduce yourself; talk about your job & hobbies and interests.


Our Handouts are an integral part of the Online Speaking Session. Their aim is to help learners revise the most important vocabulary for each topic and include useful Tips & Tricks.



Who Should Attend?

A1-A2 - Speak English with Me

Appropriate for:

- Beginner

- Elementary

- Pre-Intermediate

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