About the course

Welcome to Cisco's CCNA Wireless course for the (640-720) IUWNE certification! This course is over 12+ hours in length and will cover all the needed subjects to be successful in helping to prepare and pass the CCNA Wireless exam. This course packs a punch!...not only will the student acquire the knowledge needed for Cisco's certification exam; but what is learned herein will be transferable to the real world for a small and/or Enterprise environment. Students will get an in-depth understanding of networking, using wireless routers along with switches and their various configurations and connections. Students will learn about different types of wireless topologies, wireless RF fundamentals, wireless standards and an introduction to wireless security. This course will also prepare the student in Layer 2 technology and its various configurations, such as; VLAN’s, Inter-VLAN communication & Trunking. Students will also acquire the basic understanding needed to secure their wireles networks using the following techniques and protocols; PSK. 802.1x, WPA/WPA2 with EAP-TLS, EAP-FAST, PEAP and LEAP. Student will learn how to install the Cisco Unified Wierless Network (CUWN), how to setup the WLC management, manage stand alone AP's, and be able to troubleshoot, maintain wireless networks. This is a full comprehensive course that will take you from A-Z in your quest to acquire the Cisco Wireless Certification!

Who Should Attend?

The Cisco CCNA Wireless course is for students who want to pass the CCNA Wireles Certification and have already obtained the Cisco CCENT or CCNA exams. If you are working in the IT industry and want to learn about wireless networks this course will be a great foundation to start implementing wireless in your network..

This Cisco CCNA Wireless course could also be for individuals that have some networking background and simply want to learn about wireless neworks, specially Cisco wireless networks.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Cisco's CCNA Wireless Course
Lesson 3: Different types of Basic Wireless Devices
Lesson 5: Layer 2 Switching Concepts
Lesson 6: Wireless LAN Fundamentals
Lesson 7: Spread Spectrum Technologies and the different types of Modulation used.
Lesson 8: Wireless Regulations Bodies and Standards
Lesson 9: Wireless Security
Lesson 10: Introduction to different types of Wireless Clients
Lesson 13: Installing the Cisco Unified Wireless Network
Lesson 14: Summary of CWNA Course
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