About the course

Learn the essential elements of the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality System standard and practical tips on how to implement and audit it.  The course is full of real world examples, critical analysis of most common mis-concepts and sharing of good and bad practices.  Suitable for Business Managers, Quality Managers and Professionals, QMS Auditors Management Consultants, Trainers and Educators.  A powerful course for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.  ISO 9001:2015 has been upgraded with a number of new elements to move companies to a higher level of excellence. The course provides an in-depth coverage of the revised requirements of ISO 9001:2015 version with strong conceptual understanding. It will also provide practical guidelines on how to implement and audit the new requirements. The course will prepare you to understand and implement the transition smoothly and effectively. It will cover practical examples, critical analysis and success factors, and how to overcome the potential hurdles and difficulties in implementation.

Course Goals

  1. Learn what the new requirements are and how to interpret them
  2. Ealuate your existing Quality System for any better systemic change
  3. Find out ways to implement the new changes pratically
  4. identify which management tools to use in the new requirments
  5. draw the transition roadmap for the 2015 version
  6. Effectively audit the new requiremnt if you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd party auditor

Who Should Attend?

For Quality Engineers and Managers, QMS Consultants and Auditors and University Professors teaching Quality Engineering & Management.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Quality Management and Lessons Learnt
Lesson 3: ISO 9000 Background
Lesson 4: Annex SL: A new high level structure
Lesson 5: Important Terms and Concepts
Lesson 6: QMS revised principles
Lesson 7: Clarification of New Requirements
Lesson 8: Introduction to Technical Requirements
Lesson 9: Introductory Clauses of ISO 9001:2015
Lesson 10: Context of the Organization
Lesson 11: Leadership
Lesson 12: Planning
Lesson 13: Support
Lesson 14: Operations: Managing core business functions
Lesson 15: Performance Evaluation: Establishing a performance management system
Lesson 16: Improvement: Institutionalizing a broad based performance improvement infrastructure
Lesson 17: Transition Roadmap: Recommended steps to implement the revised standard
Lesson 18: Challenges in establishing a good QMS
Lesson 19: Conclusion
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