About the course

The individual, social, and financial cost of chemical dependence is immense.  This course is aimed at demystifying this condition and charts a clear path to recovery for each of the individuals and the entire family.  Many of the concepts in this video are the new and innovative thoughts of the aurthor.

This course focuses on the chemistry behind chemical dependence, the symptoms of the condition, how the problem develops and is maintained and how abstinence is best achieved.

Who Should Attend?

Self-help seekers, anyone suffering from chemical dependence or family members of those.

General Audience -education

Professsionals and Students in the Field of Psychology

Lesson 1: Introduction to Chemical Dependence
Lesson 2: Stress and the Flight, Fight or Freeze responses
Lesson 3: Neurotransmitters
Lesson 4: Self-Medicating
Lesson 5: Defense Mechanisms
Lesson 6: Cross-addiction
Lesson 7: Costs of addiction
Lesson 8: Problem Drinking Continuum
Lesson 9: The Wheel of Balance
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