About the course

Note: This course is the second course in a series.
Students must be enrolled in 
The Essential BioDynamics- (which offers the specific tools necessary to complete this course)
before enrolling in Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening. 

THIS is a full on-site, hands-on intensive, showing how YOU can take control of your own environment and food supply, simply by growing the highest quality food- best flavour, highest nutritional content, shortest time, minimal blights & infestations...using sensible, ancient wisdoms & the materials you have around you.

This course is being offered at a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE, but the price will increase every week starting January 30, 2016, so be sure to enroll as early as possible.

This is about sensible, easy, natural farming. and why should growing food ever be different? 

This course is for action-fun people, who are wired for Personal Power- to run their own show, their own simpl life, with good sense front & center.

This is Ladakhi Organic Farming utilizing BioDynamics (BD), or the cosmic dance which infuses, flows throughout Life on our mother planet. What does that mean.......you simply-

Know how the BD rythmns and calendar guide us into the highest-probability, best-results days for doing everything related to our beautiful farm- or tomatoes in the windowbox- throughout every season.

Everything you need for SimPLy growing your own food- detailed on-site videos, storydocs & infotools, coming to you LIVE from high-desert (himalayan Ladakh), tropical (Thailand) and temperate climes (Korea): planning & creating, planting, nutrifying, watering & cultivation- and of course, the Glorious Harvest.

Not for info-tourists, you will be fairly tested for assured farming results...Career farmers, backyard hobbyists, avid foodies or community leaders, urban or rural, will find this creatively fun & essential!

What are the requirements?

  • EXPERIENCE not required! only a willingness for personal adventure
  • The idea is Self-Reliance: not dependent on outside, commercial sources for what you can achieve. STRIVE for this and we'll help you get there. and... HAVE FUN!
  • All pertinent info & links will be supplied, to support your efforts & research. Something missing? ASK!
  • the BioFarmer's Best Friends: a BD calendar (free online), sturdy farming hoe, hand digging tool, and experienced clothing: gloves, sunhat, long-sleeved cotton shirt, tough underfeet, shoes.....and a smile
  • TO FARM: a piece of land is ideal, otherwise watertight containers work just fine...
  • Soil Builders: access to organic materials, such as local manures, dried grasses or grains, vegetable kitchen, restaurant or yard scraps
  • Water Supply: local water body (river, stream, canal) or water mains (pipe, hose etc)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 47 lectures and 4 hours of content!
  • GROW your own organic food, SimPLy, with a minimum of effort
  • INTERACT in active discussion, for experienced methods & solutions to your particular food-growing needs
  • PARTNER with Cosmos: Assure your growing efforts receive the most favorable farming conditions
  • DESIGN and CREATE your own high-yield, water & nutrient conserving Organic Farm
  • SEE working, bio-organic, Ladakhi method farms in Ladakh, Thailand & South Korea
  • HARVEST & store your beautiful, highly nutritious produce
  • APPLY the Ladakhi bio-organic method to URBAN & space-confined conditions
  • TIME your farm activities with Cosmic rythmns as they naturally occur.
  • PLANT, cultivate, thin, transplant, & water: hows & whens of the Daily Details
  • TEST your BioDynamics knowledge in real-life farming scenarios
  • CREATE and utilize soil improvements- composts, liquid slurries, green manure & animal manure

Who Should Attend?

  • EXPERIENCE not required! only a willingness for personal adventure
  • ANYONE who understands the importance of Self-Reliance and Personal Power
  • ENGAGING, vital individuals, who enjoy passing on great ideas!
  • ANYONE not afraid to take charge, who can lift a farming hoe or carry a basket full of produce
  • ANYONE who longs for the joy of watching plants grow
  • ANYONE 'fed up' with washed-out, lifeless, or packaged commercial produce and food products
  • ANYONE who feels the joy of sharing good food with others
  • ANYONE who wants to have good FUN exercise!
  • Anyone who is NOT prepared to ACT, to WORK or PLAY in their own farming creation
  • Anyone who is NOT prepared to achieve FOOD FREEDOM, by use of their own hands
  • ANYONE who wishes to take a natural living course merely for 'technical information', status or bragging rights

Lesson 1: Welcome to Growing Your Own Vital & Highly Nutritious Food!
Lesson 7: URBAN BioOrganics in Korea
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