About the course

BE a professional musical wizard, the drum expert who builds the quality that gets played!

Using the simpl, beautiful & brilliant African String Method, YOU can build & sell your own drums, or simply maintain the drums for your local music band & your friends! Everything you need to create beautiful drumming majic is shown in this video course.

All you need to start out is a drum body- you will be shown all the steps from there. Included are details for selecting all the drum parts for assembling a brand new drum, or re-using the parts- including the drum skin- for drum upgrading & maintenance.

All details are explained in minute detail, and shown to you during the actual drum assembly. This method may be performed literally anywhere- here you watch one djembe, in the noisy urban environment of Seoul, Korea, being completely stripped down, repaired, re-built & upgraded with high quality, colorful nylon climbing cord.

JOIN US! We're having fun inside!

What are the requirements?

  • EXPERIENCE- in anything- not required here. Just, BRING your sense of adventure, BE willing to learn something vital
  • All that is needed, is one djembe-shaped drum body, ready for a new life
  • All drum parts will be explained: the need to obtain each part will depend on the drum's overall condition

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 21 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • CREATE MUSICAL BEAUTY: Build Renew & Fine-Tune an African-style Djembe, the King of Hand Drums
  • GIVE NEW LIFE to Drums Everywhere
  • CHOOSE the drum business strategy which suits your lifestyle
  • STRING a djembe, using the African String Method
  • SELECT and fabricate your own drum parts
  • TIGHTEN and TUNE Strings: OPTIMIZE the drumsong, Fine-Key Her Finest Details
  • SELECT and prepare the correct drum skin, or drum head
  • REPAIR a cracked drum body, properly treat the wood
  • TIE the proper knots on the drum hoops
  • SEE how all real drum bodies start out in life, and are shaped

Who Should Attend?

  • Drummers, musicians & artisans who prefer to save money while crafting their own drum masterpiece
  • Anyone who shares a love for the sacred heart-beat of the hand drum
  • Enterprising & Creative craftspersons willing to act on simpl, easy, compact business opportunities
  • Anyone NOT willing to DO the work themselves
  • NO info-surfers! This human world needs ENGAGERS & creative DOERS!

Lesson 1: WELCOME to the King of HandDrums!
Lesson 2: PARTS and LABOUR
Lesson 3: PREPPING For the BUILD
Lesson 4: INTENSE BUILD ACTION: Hoops Knots String & Skin
Lesson 5: ALL About the STRING!
Lesson 6: TUNING: Fine-Key Your Masterpiece
Lesson 7: THE EXTRAS: Why This Course Is SO COOL
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