About the course

If you have tried to lose weight before yet haven't stuck to the program because you were tired and hungry all the time, or because the food was unappealing and tasteless, then this program is for you!


I have coached thousands of men and women over the past two decades to succeed at weight loss. As one of New Zealand's leading weight loss and whole foods coaches, I know what works when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off! It takes delicious foods that excite the taste buds, and it takes simplicity with an easy-to-follow plan, and most of all it takes encouragement and support.

What does this course include?


  • Over 60 lectures
  • High quality audio and video
  • More than 10 quizzes to ensure you understand the program
  • A full pdf ebook with your program
  • A full recipe book with delicious recipes to prevent boredom and excite the taste buds!
  • Me! I will be checking in each week to answer all your questions personally!

What will I gain from this unique weight loss management system?


  • You will lose up to 20 pounds of stubborn stored fat in 21 days, and keep the weight off if you follow each step!
  • You won't get hungry! The main reason people go off other programs is because they are on restricted calories that don't induce fat burning ketosis, and this in turn results in hunger! On this program the body switches from burring glucose from carbohydrates into burring stored fat as fuel. For this reason you won't get hungry - if your body needs more fuel it will take it from your stubborn fat cells!
  • You'll become a people magnet by gaining the vibrantly healthy body that oozes energy and glows with gorgeousness!
  • This program stimulates ketosis; a safe and effective way of turning on your body's ability to rapidly burn stored fat.
  • The way this unique program works is that it protects your 'healthy fat'. 'Healthy fat' is the even coating of fat underneath your skin, which historically would fluctuate between famine and feast months. In other weight loss programs you need to starve your 'healthy fat' out before unlocking your stored and stubborn fat. However as soon as you eat any additional calories this 'healthy fat' returns immediately! This is the main reason people gain weight and straight after they go off their diet. However this unique fat burning program protects that 'healthy fat' resulting in immediate fat loss of stubborn stored fat which reshapes your body like not other weight loss plan!
  • You will gain more energy and mental clarity within the first 5 days
  • Learn how to cook and prepare amazingly healthy and delicious recipes that are guaranteed to please the fussiest of foodies! The choice is yours; stick to simply flavoursome foods, or cook gourmet meals from our exclusive Ketoform Cookbook.
  • You will have access to me, an expert weight loss and whole foods coach with over 20 years clinical experience in natural medicine! I am also a Strategic Interventionist having studied at the Robbins (Tony) Mandanes Training Center in Human Needs Psychology & Life Coaching. I am here to support you emotionally as well!

MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE! I am so confident that you will love this program that if you aren't happy with the results you achieve within 30 days, you can email us for a full no questions asked money-back guarantee!!!

Important note: Results to vary Losing 20 pounds in 21 days is totally possible however it will depend on how much weight you have to lose to begin with. In general the more weight you have to lose, the faster and more weight your will lose. If you have over 40 pounds to lose then expected results would be up to 20 pounds loss in 21 days. If however you have only 20 pounds to lose it may take you a little longer. Results vary due to the clients ability to adhere 100% to the program, and the current health of the client.

FOUR MORE LECTURES COMING SOON! In the next few weeks I am adding an entire new section on Intermittent Fasting and the Fat Burning Hormones you need to know about! To get this bonus section join today!

What are the requirements?


  • This course is very well laid out in easy steps so you can plan your success!
  • As with any dietary change it is advisable to consult your health care professional. Because this program may result in dramatic improvements in biomarkers such as cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, it's essential to have regular testing as your prescription medicines should need reducing if not removed completely as you progress.

What am I going to get from this course?


  • Over 56 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • Lose stubborn fat and keep it off!
  • Learn the art of the ketogenic diet and know how to switch your body into this powerful fat burning mode effortlessly!
  • Learn how to cook and prepare delicious gourmet weight loss meals the entire family can enjoy!
  • Wow your friends with recipes so tantalising to the tastebuds that no one will ever know you are on a weight loss plan! They'll think you are simply learning how to cook new foods!
  • Master the top 100 foods that help you lose weight, get healthy and stay that way for life!


Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight permanently while loving their food plan!
  • If you'd like to detoxify and cleanse your body of poisons that prevent weight loss and keep the body from healing.
  • If you'd like to gain more mental clarity and avoid mid-afternoon crashes!
  • If you'd like to master Intermittent Fasting and how this simple and easy technique can stimulate your fat burning hormones so you lose even more weight and keep it off!
  • This course is NOT for you if you want cheat days and cheat foods. While I recommend 'eat up' days where you ingest more foods to relax the adrenals and restore leptin levels, this is not a protocol that enables overweight people to think they can still eat what they want. The reality is the longterm weight loss success depends on you healing your body ecology, that means cleaning our body of harmful pathogens that crave sugar and carbohydrates which actually determine your tastebuds and cravings. This program shows you how to change permanently towards a clean eating healthier lifestyle with minimum effort - but cheat foods undo all that hard work and never result in long-term success! If you want to cheat please find another program!

Lesson 2: What is a Ketogenic Diet?
Lesson 3: Understand the Ketogenic Diet and How to Keep Healthy While Losing Weight!
Lesson 4: The Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load
Lesson 5: The Whole Food Secrets Ketogenic Protocol
Lesson 7: The Myths of Ketogenic Diets
Lesson 8: You Got This!!!!
Lesson 9: The Recipes!
Lesson 10: Snacks & Condiments
Lesson 11: Breakfast
Lesson 12: Salads, Meals & Light Lunches
Lesson 13: Meats & Proteins
Lesson 14: Sweets & Desserts
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