About the course

This fabulous module will help you not only quit gluten but cut sugar cravings and fill tummies with nourishing and delicious gluten free recipes everyone will love! You will become an expert on how to throw together simple and easy recipes and alternatives to processed junk food so you can lose weight and or heal your body of food intolerance, sugar cravings or fatigue!

Learn how to become a whole foods baking expert!

  • Discover the only 20 recipes you'll need to satisfy hungry tummies and sugar cravings!
  • Lose weight by replacing tasteless junk with delicious cakes, slices, cookies & more!
  • Learn why gluten is so damaging
  • Learn why friendly gut bacteria is so vital to your energy levels and why nourishing foods make us stronger and healthier!
  • You'll discover that healthy food is NOT tasteless and boring but rather the best tasting food you've eaten when you know how to do it right!

Learn how to quit gluten by making simple swaps!

By joining the thousands of students who have studied at Whole Food Secrets you'll learn how to make healthy food taste amazing and have a fun time doing it! Your expert teacher Deborah Murtagh is a leader in the field of healing whole foods and established New Zealand's premiere cook and nutrition school. Much of the content of this course was filmed live during her sold out courses but now you get to learn from one of the best whole foods teachers in the world!

The recipes you will master are:

  • Sprouted Buckwheat Muesli
  • Keeping you Slim & Trim Buckwheat & Pancakes
  • Ginger Crunch
  • Bliss Balls
  • Lemon Brownie with Creamed Coconut Glaze
  • Chocolate & Coconut Slice
  • The Best Chocolate & Walnut Muffins you've ever tried!
  • Coconut Bread
  • Raw Flax & Vegetable Crackers
  • Indian Vegetable Fritters and much more!

I designed this course to give you the best recipes for gluten free living so that you never have to feel you are missing out! This recipes are all refined sugar free and will help you

Join this course today and begin seeing immediately results in your body! You'll lose weight, improved digestion and feel fantastic!

What are the requirements?

  • Anyone can take this inspirational course! You'll learn everything you need to know along the way!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 30 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • You'll get 27 delicious recipes, nearly 3 hours of videos, 1 fabulous 40 page ebook, 5 quick quiz's and a load of inspiration!
  • You'll learn why gluten in our diet is different to 100 years ago, and why it's such a massive problem in today's world!
  • You'll become the best gluten & grain free cook and have everyone begging for more!
  • And you'll learn a heap of whole foods snippets along the way and come out a knowledge whiz on gluten, gut health and nourishing gluten free baking!

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is for everyone wanting to wow taste-buds and impress family and friends with super delicious treats, they won't even know are healthy!
  • Anyone interested in Ancestral eating, Paleo, Weston A Price or just plain fabulous whole foods!
  • This course is not for couch potatoes who aren't willing to live life to it's fullest! If you aren't ready to lose weight and gain super health then I am not your teacher!

Lesson 2: The gluten free pantry
Lesson 3: Breakfasts
Lesson 4: Slices & Cakes
Lesson 5: Raw Treats
Lesson 6: Snacks
Lesson 7: Savoury Treats
Lesson 8: Bread & Crackers
Lesson 9: Thank you!
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