About the course

This "Learn about Treatment for ADHD" course explains the causes, symptoms, and complex dynamics of ADD and ADHD and dispels many of the myths about attention deficit disorder.  It show the research don at the Amen Clinic by Jef Gasley, M.S., LMFT with ADD patients and introduces ADD-Care® which is a natural alternative to the stimulants.  This educational video also demonstrates the Six Types of ADD and how to treat each one of them.  Find a solution for your ADD or ADHD symptoms with this excellent " Learn about Treatment for ADHD course".

Who Should Attend?

First and foremost anyone suffering from ADD.  Family, friends or even co-workers of someone with ADD who wish to have a better understanding of this disorder.  Anyone seeking knowledge of ADD or ADHD spoken in laymens terms.  This educational video is appropriate for both laypeople and professional counselors.

Lesson 1: Attention Deficit Disorder and ADD-Care® the Natural Alternative
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