About the course

This course has been especially designed to take your complete beginner or intermediate level skills in Stencyl and build them up to the level required of a professional indie game developer. Where as the foundation course (Create your First Computer Game with Stencyl), teaches you many important skills, concepts, and techniques necessary to implement core gameplay, utilise sound, and implement some basic AI, this course will teach you how to Create a complete, professional grade computer game which can be published on all the most popular platforms -- Google Play, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Flash etc.

From start to finish, you will develop a complete, playable game including all the advanced features and polish you would expect, such as:

  • start menu
  • social link buttons
  • multiple, playable levels
  • level selection screens
  • saving and loading
  • in-game currency
  • in-app purchases and ads (for revenue generation)
  • beautiful, unique art and animations
  • parallax scrolling
  • sophisticated, physics based gameplay

We also cover less technical -- but none the less essential -- subjects such as marketing, design theory, game monetisation paradigms and various other business and design tips and tricks for game development . After the core game has been developed, the course leads into sections on what it takes to publish it to the various Stencyl supported platforms (Desura, Steam, Google Play, Samsung Apps, IndieCity etc), including platform specific details such as certificates, marketplace restrictions, monetisation methodologies etc.

In short, when you've finished this course, there will be nothing stopping you from beginning your professional game development career. So let's get started!

Who Should Attend?

  • Beginners
  • Those with some experience with Stencyl, who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Graduates of 'Create your First Computer Game with Stenyl', who want to learn even more amazing game development skills.
  • People excited about a possible career in indie game development
  • Artists and designer who want an easy and fast way to develop their own games


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Marketing & Monetisation
Lesson 3: An In-depth Look at Stencyl
Lesson 4: Game Design Theory - An Overview
Lesson 5: Building the Bones of the Game - Let's Get Practical!
Lesson 8: Finishing Touches
  • Please download and extract the contents of this zip file, as you will need them to complete the game project on this course.
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