About the course

This may be called "Art School for Kids", but all ages are welcome! This course includes segments on:

*Art Elements/Art Principles

*Basic Drawing Techniques/Drawing projects

*Basic Watercolor Techniques/Painting projects

*Basic Acrylic Techniques/Painting projects

I have included vocabulary handouts, lists of materials needed for each project, pictures of student examples, and each video includes steps of 'how to' from beginning to end.

You could take your time and do one project a week, for several weeks, or you can do all the projects for a couple hours a day in a week.

Take this course if you have never been good at art, always wanted to draw and paint, or just want to brush up on some new ideas.

Who Should Attend?

This course may be geared specifically toward kids, but any age between 10 and 90 will find this informative and interesting.

Lesson 1: Basic Art Concepts
Lesson 2: Drawing
Lesson 3: Color Theory
Lesson 4: Watercolor
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