About the course

When learning English as a second language there are certain common mistakes that are typical regardless of your first language. This course identifies, explains, and clarifies the most common of those mistakes in 60 minutes - by a native English speaker.

These are the following:

1) they are  vs. their vs. there

2) it’s vs. its

3) than vs. then

4) to vs. too vs. two

5) comparatives vs. superlatives

6) much vs. many

7) few vs. a little

8) since vs. for vs. ago

9) make vs. do

10) some vs. any

11) formalities vs. informalities on the telephone

12) too vs. enough

Each one of these examples is explained concisely, quickly, and they are all accompanied with brief exercises. 

Stop making the typical mistakes now with a quick 60-minute re-cap of how to avoid this!

Who Should Attend?

Do you feel like maybe you might still be making the same typical mistakes in English? There are some examples of common mistakes typically committed regardless of one's first language, and they are all gathered together, explained, and clarified here in this concise 60-minute course on how to avoid these - by a native English speaker.

Stop making these typical mistakes and start speaking English correctly!

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