About the course

Learn to create a native app-like experience for the iPad with standard web technologies. Leverage HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a full screen, engaging, interactive experience for the iPad’s touch screen.

This course will introduce you to hardware-accelerated CSS3 properties, CSS3 animation, and HTML5 properties that will allow your web experience to be saved to the iPad Home Screen.

Create eSales Aids, interactive books and catalogs, and well, anything interactive with you new skills. And the best part of all… no app stores!

Your Web App can be run from any web server, and can deliver native-app-like experiences without the need for 3rd party app stores.

Running Time: 2:48

Who Should Attend?

Graphic designers, web developers, and front-end developers, adn abyone who wants to create an engaging content on an iPad.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Set-up Files
Lesson 2: Creating the Graphics
Lesson 4: Add Style and Layout For Homepage and Navigation
Lesson 5: Adding the JavaScript and (jQuery)
Lesson 6: Adding Content for the Gallery and Video Pages
Lesson 7: Detecting iPads and Stand Alone Status
Lesson 8: Where To Go From Here
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